Board Members

Board Members


Wen (Wendy) Xu, President & Chair of the Board, Director




Ms. Wendy Xu has an Executive MBA degree and a dual bachelor‘s degree in Engineering and Commerce. She has earned a great reputation as a top manager in a renowned state-owned company and is an innovative entrepreneur. She also has prior experience in real estate investments and understands the requirements for EA’s student housing programs. As a successful businesswoman, Ms. Xu believes that the definition of success should not only be determined by financial benefits,  rather it should be undertaking responsibilities and duties to serve the society.


Given this, she established the EA Education Group to contribute to the education and cultural exchange between China and Canada. Her success though these endeavors have allowed her to forge lasting relationships with many educational authorities, and this led to the creation of EAEG.




Weidong (Tony) Wang, Interim CFO&Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mr. Tony Wang is a co-founder of EAEG, and majored in education and administration and has worked as an educator for many years. Mr. Wang has a great passion for education and he maintains a personal dream that every child can be nurtured and raised as an independent, successful and well-educated whole person with strong abilities in organizing, leadership, networking and so forth. Mr. Wang has dedicated his professional life to increasing his global educational knowledge as well as building an education bridge between China-and-Canada. He has developed and created many international educational and cultural exchange programs and events. As the founder of the Hong Kong-based Kushi Media Group, Mr. Wang has utilized his English and Asian media and education experiences to create fast growth strategies for EAEG.



Zu (Michael) Zheng, Director

Mr. Michael Zheng holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a Ph.D in Economics from Fudan University. Mr. Zheng has experiences in the areas of private equity investment and financial analysis for twenty years. He has extensive experiences in assisting Chinese companies go public in North American and list on stock exchanges. Mr. Zheng is the executive director of Skyone International Securities Corporation. Prior to founding Skyone, he served as the deputy head of research and director of QFII team at Shanghai-based Haitong Securities Co., Ltd.



Stan Grunzeweig, Director

Mr. Grunzeweig was previously employed at the TMX Group, Global Capital markets for 7 years. Mr. Grunzeweig is also a director of Skyone International Securities Corporation, a financial service firm engaged in investors’ communications, listing services, M&A and media portal for mining data and news.



Simon Tam, Director

Mr. Simon Tam has more than 16 years in managing public companies and has been a senior corporate executive and an audit committee member with a number of publicly traded companies in Canada. He has significant experience and knowledge in managing the growth of small cap resource companies and currently sits on the board and as an executive officer for several publicly traded companies.