EA’s strength is its commitment to inspiring and fulfilling a childhood dream of studying abroad by providing these underage students with a comprehensive and considerate services, including supportive foundations and preparations for their  oversea studies without leaving their home country, and continued all-in-one student housing services after they come to Canada to complete their high school education.


Student-housing services. EA provides comprehensive housing services to accommodate international students who study in the public and private schools around the Greater Toronto Area. Its systematized approach enable international students to adapt to Canadian school life with a smooth cultural transition. Through its networks and relationships with high schools in Canada, EA also provides other value-added offerings which include admission preparation and documentation, visa application, and other post departure services.


Proprietary off-campus training programs in China. In response to increasing international education demands in China, EA successfully developed an educational and cultural integrated off-campus training programs that include English langue preparation and other wide range of subject matter, events and activities, field trips, arts and sports. The goal of this programmes is to provide both English language and cultural adaption preparations for Chinese students seeking entry to high school studies in Canada. The Company’s offering enables these underage students to expand their global knowledge and vision, improve their English language, and to enhance their social and academic experience with western culture as well.


Currently, EA’s proprietary off-campus training program is delivered through its local partnering local education service providers (known as “EA clubs”).  The Company’s EA clubs have undergone a strong period of growth since it was launched in 2012, and now EA has 10 EA clubs in six cities in China, and expects to increase up to 20 by the end of 2015. EA has had 1,860 student enrollments in its EA clubs in China for the fiscal year of 2014.


International Education & Culture Exchange between Canada and China, and students Summer & Winter camps in Canada.  EA spears no effort to promote international education & culture exchange between Canada and China by organizing or sponsoring a variety of international education & culture exchange events held both in Canada and abroad.