Student-housing services

Student-housing services


      EA provides comprehensive housing services to accommodate international students who study in the public and private schools around the Greater Toronto Area. Its systematized approach enable international students to adapt to Canadian school life with a smooth cultural transition. Through its networks and relationships with high schools in Canada, EA also provides other value-added offerings which include admission preparation and documentation, visa application, and other post departure services.


1) Accommodation Condition

20120517_HomeStay19View_11    20120517_HomeStay19View_07

                Lovely Single Bedroom                                              Elegant Single Bedroom


20120517_HomeStay19View_14    20120517_HomeStay19View_03

                          Bathroom                                                Spacious Kitchen and Dining Room

20120517_HomeStay19View_04    20120517_HomeStay19View_25

                        Cozy Living Room                                                   Independent House 


2) Life at EA Student Housing

4R8A0093   DSC_8293

                        Campus Tour                                                          After-school Activities

20141205_164809   聚餐

                      Holiday Celebration                                                Weekend Gathering