International Education & Culture Exchange

International Education & Culture Exchange


     EA Education Group Inc. is an active promoter of Canada-China exchange in education and culture. For the past few years, EA has been spearing no effort to promote international education & culture exchange between Canada and China by organizing or sponsoring a variety of international education & culture exchange events held both in Canada and abroad.



1) Annual Sino-Canadian International Education Forum


    With the rapid development of educational internationalization, the Sino-Canadian International Education Forum brings together top educators, policy-makers, government officials and experts from both China and Canada to discuss, share information and devise plans for better education. It creates excellent opportunities to enhance the mutual cooperation in the field of education for both China and Canada, and also provides a professional platform to encourage the sharing of ideas and improve interactions between Canadian and Chinese educators as well as educational institutions. 






2) International Summer & Winter camps 


EA Education Group Inc. offers different options of Summer and Winter Camp for students and their parents to have personal experience and know more about life in Canada, such as family camp, elite teenager camp, adult camp, etc.


They would have opportunities to:


1) experience English immersion learning and studying with students from all over the world.


2) have visits to top universities in Canada, such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, University of Ottawa, Ryerson University, Queen’s University, McGill University.


3) enjoy spectacular tour and trips of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec city, Kingston, Niagara Falls, Thousand islands and so forth.


4) be accommodated in local family and have an special experience of Canadian life style.